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Outdoor advertising works

Outdoor advertising is sympathetic

Out-of-Home Media. With posters and mega posters you reach people right where they daily spend a large portion of your time: On the street or on public transport. Outdoor advertising is therefore still one of the most popular and effective advertising campaigns in Switzerland.

In 2016, approximately 449 million francs of Swiss companies to invest in outdoor advertising and studies (Stiftung Werbestatistik) show that it will continue to rely on this industry in the future. Almost one in eight Swiss also indicates that he is sympathetic outdoor advertising.

So why wait? Why miss a chance? Prepare the same day your new campaign and advertise where one sees you. The locations of the Fasola AG are not only busy places but also the implementation is characterized by above-average quality. Wind and weather-resistant materials ensure that their products and services are presented always optimal for the entire output time.

Therefore Reserve your spot today for the best.


Billboard Advertising

Out-of-Home Media. We offer not only the ideal space to present yourself and your products. With us, you advertise with innovative material systems at the highest level.


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About Us

The owner-managed Fasola AG, headquartered in Canton Ticino distributes premium advertising space on private land. High-quality materials help to create a presentation without adhesive joints and 100 percent quality in all weathers.


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